Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Once I thought I wouldn't create a blog, ever. Then I started changing my mind, thanks to Joel Spolsky, Steve Yegge and Paul Graham. They had it all: interesting content, charismatic style and challenging opinions. But even so, my opinion of blogging went mostly along the lines that I had nothing substantial to say that these guys didn't already say or couldn't say it better. Which, of course, is quite irrelevant, true though it might be. As soon as that realization filtered through my thick skull, I decided to take the final step and inflict my thoughts on the rest of the world.

The first thing my blog needed was a name. Coming up with one wasn't nearly as hard as I dreaded -- I only went through three iterations:
  1. Paradogma Shift. Not bad, but it doesn't really represent what I want to talk about. Besides, I'd like to save the word paradogma for other purposes.
  2. Overflow Dump. Closer to the topic. Also, the initials are a nice touch: whenever I "overdose" on things that are stupid, ridiculous or utterly unacceptable, I can go and post to my blog. But, it makes it sound as if my posts are garbage and I'd like the benefit of a doubt.
  3. Beard's Eye. A modest word play and an obscure reference to Cryptonomicon -- what more could I wish for?
Here it is, then. My own beard's eye view onto society. I hope it's not too hairy.

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